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A Robust IT Coding and Coaching Platform, Helps Aspiring Candidates In Singapore Launch A Well-Paying and Sustainable Career in IT


7 Aug 2021

07 August 2021 – Upskill Today, a revolutionary technology platform for aspiring candidates seeking to learn modern IT skills, is providing a compelling launchpad for successful and well-paid careers in Singapore. With a vision of empowering candidates for a new future, Upskill Today is creating a modern IT talent pool that is ready to meet the needs of companies for their digital transformation skills.

With Upskill Today, aspiring candidates get to consult and receive support from a career coach, discover learning techniques mixed with latest technologies in software development and systems engineering, and receive mentorship to maximize learning potential. Trainees get to harness their full potential at Upskill Today’s ecosystem of clients which include leading multinational corporations in banking, oil and gas, logistics, internet technology and government sectors.

The COVID-19 disruption has made the skills gap broader and faster than ever before. World Economic Forum (WEF) has predicted about 97 million new roles by the end of 2025, many of them being in IT. Upskill Today aims to help a new workforce seize such IT jobs and career opportunities so they can meet the modern IT skill expectations, increase their income, and minimize retrenchment risk.

“Today, technology is changing at a much faster pace than before. Unfortunately, the current IT workforce hasn’t been able to keep up at the same pace which has resulted in a gap between supply and demand of required IT skillsets. We see a lot of IT jobs remain open for lack of suitable candidates” remarked Rahul Kaul of Upskill Today. “As this gap continues to form and grow, our slogan of ‘learn while you earn’ closes this skill gap by empowering trainees to upskill to in-demand IT jobs. Our key differentiator is that candidates selected under this initiative will get a preference in targeted jobs our ecosystem partners are not able to fill. Our programs are modelled to upskill the 20% delta of the modern IT skills that are most required for initiatives like Digital Transformation.”

There are plans to roll out to other countries in Asia Pacific. This is especially aimed at IT developers who want to learn a new technology such as Software Development using Microservices, Full Stack Development and Cloud-Based Engineering Services like Devops. Candidates will be paid during the learning period which varies from two to six months before they are assigned to customer projects.

Upskill Today leverages a proprietary training platform to prepare a new generation for career and workplace success. The platform has been used by over 200,000 students and 97% of the graduated pool work in the intended information technology sector. A typical program will require the candidate to take an entry module and an exam before they embark on a specific technology fundamentals module, followed by a professional module and finally a specialization module.

“There are six programs for candidates to choose from,” added Christie Dao of Upskill Today. “Both Guided track and Fast track programs connect candidates to jobs from day 1. We plan to offer Self-paced track in the future.”

To start upskilling in IT to increase your income potential while enhancing your IT career, register here

Upskill Today empowers career-driven individuals with a launchpad for a successful and well-paid career in software development. Continue reading at Follow the latest from Upskill Today on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Press Contact
Christie Dao
Head of Upskill Today Program
+65 6560 3224

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